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Thread Art

Step 1: Thread Art


Ply Panel of any size either rectangular or square,Woolen thread,plywood,nails,hammer,pen,pencil,glue


1.Take a piece of plywood of any thicknesses.(Here 1/4")

2.Make a border around the shape of the ply-sheet with pencil.Mark border first.

3.Now, Mark points at 1cm on every border line of the square or rectangle & Hammer the nails on sheet.

4.Take a woolen thread and specify thread's beginning point at any where as per your need and design pattern.

5.Once you fixed the start point of thread , make a beautiful pattern with thread until thread acquire all the marked points where nails has been fixed.

6.After finishing your design pattern, cut your remaining thread and make a knot of thread and again put a glue for permanent fixing at the end or tied a knot.