Introduction: Art Plant

Project: The Home Library Plant - for an area where there is not much natural light
Supplies: 1 thrift store artificial plant $2 spray paint - lime green and lavender already had on hand a tarp to put down so the spray paint does not get on the grass

pages from old books and dictionary for cutting up printed tissue paper - i used polka dots, but any pattern of your choice 1 bottle of white GLUE Time: about 7 hours start to finish

Step 1: Painting the Plant

I could have left the artificial plant as is but everyone would know it is fake. I created an art plant which makes more sense to me. I forgot to take a before picture of the plant.
Step 1. I spray painted the plant lime green - underside and topside of leaves. I let that dry a few minutes, then i over-sprayed with lavender paint. I might have painted the whole plant a bright turquoise color but I was using paint I had.

Step 2: Getting Started

I discarded the worn basket the plant came in and used a ceramic pot I had.
I put some potting soil around the plant but you could use dried moss.

Step 2. Starting at the top leaves, I cut out dictionary and poetry pages to make paper leaves. I made the paper leaves smaller than the plant leaves so edges of green would show. I left a few leaves without paper. Some of the leaves have the polka dot tissue paper instead of word paper. I did a leaf at a time using the GLUE to adhere the paper to the leaf. I added a few tissue paper butterflies to some leaves.

This "plant" could take on several personalities - black paint, Halloween paper or patriotic or paper to fit the theme of a child's room, etc.

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