Introduction: Art Supply Cabinet

I love to do resin art, and as a result, I just have SO MANY little bottles of everything. I used to store everything into boxes, but it was really annoying to stack everything and de-stack everything when I was looking for a certain bottle of something. I set out to find a suitable cabinet that had a smaller shelf height, but the most suitable option was those acrylic ones that cost 50 dollars for one! Sadly, my country doesn't seem to have low cabinets specifically for art supplies, so I decided to make one by myself!

The designs do not use tracks; I couldn't really find small enough tracks and my bottles of stuff were pretty light anyway. So I just decided to go with the "groove" method. Rub on some beeswax candle on the groove to make them pull out smoother! I decided to reduce the tabs just because it was simpler. (and i feel that the tabbing pattern looks ugly lol)

This project is made with 5mm plywood and 6mm plywood, so take note of the file titles! I used a laser cutter to do the job, followed with some rapid action epoxy to hold everything together!

Step 1: Prepare the Laser Cut Files

Arrange the files and prepare the laser cutting file accordingly. Take note of the different widths of material!

Big shelf - Bottom shelf that's larger

Small Shelf - Top three shelves that's smaller

Outer shell - Grooves, Side support, Back support

Step 2: Putting Together the Support

These pieces stack together. Make sure to get the correct side for the grooves as they are a mirror image of each other. After which, you can put together the structure.

Step 3: Putting Together the Shelves

Pretty self explanatory!

And it's done!

Step 4: