Introduction: Marvin the Martian Painting and Drop Leaf Table All in One

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Practical art has been a goal of mine for awhile. So when I recently moved into a small apartment and wanted to save space everywhere I could I decided to create a drop leaf breakfast table out of a large piece of wood I painted an image of Marvin the Martian on a few years back. Looking at the sequence of pictures will show you how I basically added wood pieces (Michael's) and hinges(Home Depot) to hold art piece in place and attach supporting shelf brackets that close underneath when not in use. Tools you will need: Drill, basic hand saw, measuring tape, Phillips screwdriver (or standard if using single slot screws), pencil with eraser (so you can mark and erase measurements)

Step 1: ​Remember the Golden Rule:

Remember the golden rule: measure twice before cutting or drilling (i sometimes measured three times or more). Basically, you find the right sized swivel connections at Home Depot. You must adjust for the depth you will need so your table will close neatly against your wooden wedges that will swing out when in use to hold the table horizontally. Use a level to check for proper leveling of your table and adjust accordingly. I added pieces of wood to my wedges to adjust. Although the finished table holds up well to food and weight of my arms, I may add a single centered leg at the end of the table that folds under table for more stability.

Step 2: Looks Good on the Wall and Serves As a Breakfast Table!

Thanks for checking out my humble build.