Introduction: Artbot Frame

Simple, yet effective way to use old textbooks in order to create a frame for artwork made by ArtBots.

Step 1: Materials

1. Artbot Artwork

Preferably cut to size desired

2. Old textbook

3. Scissors -Note: Be careful with the scissors when cutting.

4. Scotch Tape

Step 2:

  • Choose an old text book
  • Lay flat on table
  • Ensure there are no pages underneath the cover
  • Use scissors and cut as close to the binding as possible.
  • Do not worry about how straight the cut is, there can be adjustments made.

Step 3:

  • Outline artwork on the back of the textbook cover
    • Ensure you do not accidentally mark the artwork
  • Make an incision in the middle of the cover with the scissors.

Step 4:

  • Carefully cut along the outline previously made.
    • This should leave you with a hollow frame where your artwork will be displayed.

Step 5:

  • Place artwork under the frame
  • Trim any excess art left over on the edges.

Step 6:

  • Roll scotch tape so that it is in a circle, and both sides are sticky
  • Place on the back of the frame, where the artwork and the frame meet
  • Place as many pieces are necessary in order for the artwork to be secure
  • Voila! A frame for the Artbot Artwork!