Introduction: Asian Hot Mustard From Scratch

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This instructable will share how to make Chinese hot mustard using just a few ingredients and how to regulate the amount of heat to your liking. I will also share my sweet version of mustard. Follow through and lets get started.

Step 1: Ingredients and Utensils

Although hot mustard can be stored in the refrigerator in a covered container, it is best to make what you will use at the time. The reason for this is because it looses its heat and flavor over time. It does not take long to make, but should be prepared a few minutes before the meal is served.

To speed up the process, you could grind the seeds into powder and have the powder on hand and just mix the ingredients together and wait until it reaches the desired heat and flavor. The only problem with the powder is, it only stays fresh about six months. The seeds last about a year. You can add seasonings if you like. I use Crystallized ginger and love the flavor and added sweetness and make it often.

Traditional Recipe:

1/8 cup ground (organic) brown mustard seeds or mustard powder.

1/8 cup or less, cold water or rice vinegar or both. Use cold water for hotter version. I will explain more later.

My Recipe:

1/8 cup ground organic brown mustard seeds or brown mustard powder.

1/8 cup or less organic un-filtered Apple cider vinegar. For hotter version add enough cold water to the powder to mix. Let set until it reaches desired flavor. After it is the way you like it, add a small amount of apple cider vinegar to stop the action of the enzymes.

1 or plus teaspoons Ground Crystallized Ginger


If you have mustard seeds or plan to make my recipe, you will need to grind them into powder with a mortar and pestle or spice grinder.

Bowl for mixing, spoon and glass covered container to store it in.

Step 2: Grind Mustard Seeds


Grind the mustard seeds into powder, and if adding Crystallized ginger grind it also.

Step 3: Add Liquid and Cover

Depending on what flavor and heat you prefer, will determine what you should add to achieve it. I like my mustard very hot, but sometimes it can over power the flavor of the food. So I usually add cold water to the mustard powder and mix. When it reaches the flavor I like, I add vinegar to stop the action and refrigerate for fifteen minutes and serve.

If you prefer your mustard very hot, just add cold water and the seasonings you like. Adding hot water will reduce the peppery flavor because it breaks down the enzymes. Vinegar and refrigeration will stabilize the mustard to some degree. Just after adding the water, the mustard is quite bitter and does not taste very good but mellows after several minutes reaching its peak of flavor or (heat) at about fifteen minutes.

I suggest when you first make this recipe, place a little powder into small bowls and experiment with the ingredients, adding tiny amounts of liquid at intervals and taste along the way until it is the way you like it.

Adding vinegar or placing the contents in the refrigerator will stabilize the flavor (at that point of heat) to some degree. Once you have the taste down, you can experiment with seasonings if you wish. I tried Crystallized ginger and un-filtered apple cider vinegar in one of my experiments and loved the sweetness and flavor so that is how I make it now. To make it creamy or keep it from drying out, add a little oil to it.

Step 4: Serve and Enjoy

Serve it with your favorite foods and refrigerate leftovers in a covered glass container. I spread a small amount of hot mustard on orange slices and dried them. We liked them so much I made another batch and they are drying now. My husband is not a big fan of hot mustard and he really liked the dried oranges with the ginger hot mustard. The heat factor is similar to pepper jam and is subtle.

Thanks for stopping by and please do have a safe and happy holiday season~


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