Introduction: Assassin's Suitcase

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Hello Agent,
I see you are ready for your first mission. Your first mission will begin when you get a suitcase in exactly forty eight hundred hours. You will then have seven hours to intercept your target. Oh, and to save shipping expense we filled a suitcase with the parts you need to build your assassin suitcase. The suitcase you need is in a bunch of colorful parts in the suitcase you will recieve from a complete stranger. You will also get instructions for assembly that will self destruct in two hours after opened, but I know you're up to the job, good luck! 

Central Command

This is the Tech Department, hope you got the suitcase just fine. So you need to get this thing assembled so you can continue you mission. It's very reliable and perfect for your mission because of it's perfect concealment. No, you can't just pull out the gun, there is too many witnesses. Build this as we have, and we know you will have success.

Best of luck,

The Tech Department

Step 1: (Section A) the Base

Section A is the part that the entire suitcase is built off so make sure to follow the pitures carefully. You build three sections to form the base. Also included are some close-ups of pieces to be expecially carefully about.

Step 2: The Top (Section B)

Section B is pretty simple. The only thing to look out for here is the direction of the purple and blue connectors and what is attached to them. The inside two should have something attached to them, the outside two should have nothing attached to them until later. Due to time constraints we forgot to include a view of section B connected to section A. We do have a picture of the two parts with the correct orientation so look at image notes for reference.
The smaller pieces after this are the top corners attach them as you see in the completed step pictures.

Step 3: The Left Side (Section D)

What did you expect, Section C? No that's two steps away. This step is another straight forward step so follow the picture. Make sure tht the gray connectors are placed correctly when attaching Section D to Section A or else the next step won't make sense.

Step 4: The Bottom (Section E)

The bottom is formed from two realitivly easy steps. They do require some attention when assembling to previous assembled parts. The first section requires that the green connector be carefully placed in between the gray connectors in Section D while the blue rods are obviously atached to Section A. The second part of Section E needs care toward the position of the yellow rod and the white rod that is inserted after it. Image notes have been added for clarity.

Step 5: The Right Side (Section C)

The right side starts easily but ends with a tiny bit of complexity. On part two of this step make sure to notice during assembly that the black colored orange connector is on top of the green connector. This green connector prevents movement of the firearm after the trigger is pulled so haveing it secured is essential for proper function.

Step 6: Jolt Slide Preventor (Section H)

Section H is a little break from the difficult sections so far. Get a drink of water or some kind of nourishment so you can concentrate. Don't want an agent dehydrated before they finish making their essential equipment.

Step 7: Nerf Firearm Stabilizer (Section G)

This part prevents the natural upward swing of a gun when fired which helps maintain accuracy.  The only catch is when you assemble this to section A. Make sure this part is underneath Section B's gray connector as shown in the included pictures.

Step 8: Fire Power (Section F)

This is the most important part of the entire suitcase. Please place the Nerf firearm in as shown in the picture. Notice that the white rods that are attached to the gray connectors on Section A are place through the trigger guard and in front of the trigger. This entire thing will NOT work if that is placed incorrectly.

 Note: The Tech Department is not responsible for the failure to follow instructions that can or may lead to failure or death during a mission.  

Step 9: The Inner Cover (Section I)

This step invoves a lot of purtruding rods for correct function. Image notes have been added for better clarity. Please make sure this is assembled correctly for the next section. Also the Tech department realizes that there is a broken connector shown in this step this is due to a new recycling program. This broken part is not required, it is mearly a subsitute for a gray connector.

Step 10: The Mech Part 1 (Section K)

Section K is another step that is easily accomplished. Take a break as needed, but remeber that time is ticking, and the small amount of explosives in these instructions goes off in two hours, pace yourself.

Step 11: The Mech Part 2 (Section J)

Now the serious part of the mech! this is the main the part that runs from the handle of the suitcase to the gun. During assembly make sure that the joint connector is above the white rod on Section I. Also make sure the gray connector is placed towards the middle of the blue rod for a more responsive trigger pull. The black colored orange connector on top is not attached to anything yet so placing it as shown is recommended.

Step 12: Handle (Section L)

This is pretty simple just build what you see and move on.

Step 13: The (Fake) Handle Support (Section M)

This is another essential step. Make two of these easy parts and assemble the finished pair to Section L as shown. Continue to attach the assembly to the suitcase by threading the blue bendy rod and the white rod through the holes first and snaping the handle in place afterward. The blue bendy rod should be snaped to the black colored orange connector you left hanging there on Section M. Before continuing, pull back the nerf ramrod, and pull the suitcase trigger. It should fire. If not, contact the tech department promptly via comment.

Note: Do not load Nerf Firearm while test firing, and seriously don't aim at your eyes or face, things tend to work then.

Step 14: The Top Sides of the Suitcase (Section N)

All the hard steps are done now the home stretch. Add these four parts to there corresponding side on the suitcase.

Step 15: The Lid (Section=)

The Lid (Codename section =)[yes smiley face] is the last part. Build this important piece and  attach it by threading the gray connector through the bottom top of the side. Removing the bottom top to attach this piece is expected, so please do so and reattach the pieces that were removed to attach the lid.

Step 16: The Extras

Good job agent! Since you made it this far all that is still required is for the extra Nerf Firearm, Jolt, to be put in it's designated position and the extra 24 nerf dart ammo added. Pictures of these  features are shown here.

Step 17: Continue Mission....

Well it's all assembled and ready for your use. Best of luck in your mission and remeber the Tech Department can be reached anytime through your comment about any unexpected equipment failures.. Oh! and Central Command wants you to know that your target is now moving too the airporrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr beep! These instructions will self destruct in 5, 4, 3,............