Introduction: Assembly Aid: Modifying LCD Support Panel and Brackets for Better Fit. I Made It at TechShop.

     Assembling 3D Printer is very popular.  It is truly as fun to build 3D Printer as kids assembling 3D Puzzle.  I tell people it is 4D+ because Assembly the 3D Printer more than just assembling 3D puzzles.  What we are assembly here moves in 3D space AND it has both 3D structure plus electronics components.  Here comes the challenge and the FUN! 
     Let the FUN begin!

      I bought a 3D Printer Kit and currently having fun with the assembly.   I encountered a few slight problems.  One of the annoyance is that the LCD support panel and brackets were not make fit perfectly.   The online installation manual suggest one way to handle the problem.

      To find alternate solution to an assembly issue.   To use TechShop tools to remedy a mismatch of assembly parts.

Work Done:
      I cut a piece of sacrificial piece of plywood slight larger than the LCD Panel so I could test run the 4 LCD holes to check for
hole size, spacing and location.  When it is all done, I intend to design color sticker and make this Corel Draw to cut the perimeter and LCD opening.  I would also put hot glue around the LCD and the panel.
      I use the disk sander at techshop to remove about 2mm of wood thickness so LCD would flush to the panel surface.  I cut a small layer at a time and test the fit to make sure that I don't overdo it. The use of the high speed disk sander allow easy, smooth, accurately fine removal of faction of mm layer of wood.
      When I assemble it, I would assemble the 2 T-slot screw first.  When it is well in place, I would put hot glue along the LCD wood panel and brackets interface.   I would unscrew them and put the hotglue to the LCD panel and LCD PCB interface.

      The hot glue and the 4 screws hold the panel and LCD in place very well. I think this is a good alternative for those who have access to the same tools that I use at TechShop.

      The Rostock MAX Assembly Guide, 2nd Edition by Gene Buckle