Introduction: Atrium Made From Light Bulb

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I started making these for a few ladies that worked in an office. They complained that they only had a small amount of room in the cubicles. They didn't even have room for a potted plant. So I decided to make these little atriums that would contain a small air plant. That way its small enough to sit on their desk and they dont have to worry about it dying if they forget to water it.

Hope you enjoy this Instructable. This will be my 3rd one so far. Im entering it in the gardening contest. So please vote for it. Thanks

Step 1: Material and Tools Needed


-- hammer

-- screw driver

-- needle nose pliers


-- 100 watt light bulb

-- glass stand - bought mine at Dollar tree

-- changing color Tea light - bought this also at Dollar Tree. (optional)

--air plant - bought mine at my local WalMart

-- sand and small rocks

Step 2: Degutting Your Light Bulb

First thing I have to say before getting started. SAFETY IS KEY. Make sure when working with any kind of power tools or any project you attempt. Wear safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves and respirator or dusk mask.

Now lets begin. Take your light bulb in one hand and I used a hammer to do this with. Lightly hit the black end of the light bulb. Once you see the black piece crack some, you can use a flat head screw driver to unlodge the black pieces. Then using the screw driver stick into the bulb and start moving in a circular motion. What you are wanting to do is break the inner glass parts so you can remove it all from the bulb.

Using your needle nose pliers. Try to pull out the pieces. Some pieces will be attached to the bulb by copper wires. Just wiggle them and they will break in two.

Step 3: Removing the Powder Coating

Next take some regular table salt and pour some in the light bulb. Then start to swirl around the salt. The salt will remove the powdered coating. After your done then pour all of salt out of bulb. Make sure you get all of it out. You might have to blow into it to get some of the graduals out that get stuck.

Step 4:

Next thing to do is to add some sand a a few small rocks. Then all you need to go is to take you air plant and stick it inside. All you need to do is just mist the air plant once a week. Then place your light bulb in the glass stand.

Step 5: Optional Lighting Effect.

If you feel like having your Atrium change colors. Then the tea light which runs off of a watch battery will work. You can buy them at Dollar Tree. You get 2 lights for $1. It changes from 6 different colors.

I just positioned the tea light behind the lightbulb. It gives off a really cool little show and you cant see it behind the bulb.

Step 6: All Finished

Hopefully this Instructable will make it easy for you to make this for yourself. Remember to vote for this entry in the gardening contest. Thanks again.

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