Introduction: Augmented Reality Using Unity3D and Vuforia – Exporting Android AR App for Money Augmentation

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Step 1: Download Everything Below and Follow Instructions in the Video

Download # Unity3D (download and install it, if you don't have it already) (*.exe file)

Unity3D is also available to download from here

Download #Download and Import Unity3D Extension v4.2.3 (*.unitypackage file)

Unity3D extension is also available to download from here

Download #Download Stand-Alone Android SDK (installer_r24.3.3-windows) (*.exe file)

Stand-Alone Android SDK is also available to download based on your OS from here

Download #Money Images for Tracking (Euros) (*.rar file)

Download #You Can Use Already Created Tracker Based on 5, 10, 20 and 50 Euros (*.unitypackage file)

Download #All Money Models with Textures (*.rar file)

Download #Download Whole MoneyForAndroidAR Tutorial Project Files (the result to test it) (*.rar file)

Download #Download Android App to Your Android Device (*.apk file)