Introduction: Auto Shutt-off Your Distiller According to ABV Preset Value

Hello everyone,

This is my simple solution as a contribution to the Homebrew Community, I hope you find it useful.

How the thing works:
As the ABV strength decreases while distilling, the Alcohol-meter will float upwards approaching the proximity sensor which is fixed on top of the inverted measuring cylinder. The proximity sensor detects non ferrous metallic objects approaching it but it does not detect glass, that’s why we need the small aluminium weightless piece of foil on the tip of the glass Alcohol-meter so the sensor detects it. This sensor is so sensitive that it can be set to trigger when something approaches it as near as 1 mm which makes it perfect to control your lower ABV distiller auto shut off. The idea is very easy to put together, you can understand everything by looking at my pictures. The 100ml plastic measuring cylinder fits perfectly over the middle section of the proofing parrot but you should make a side hole just above this section so alcohol escapes from there and not to build up inside the plastic tube. If you need any help contact me.

Happy distilling :).


Things you’ll need:

  • Proofing Parrot
  • Alcohol-meter
  • 100 ml Plastic Measuring Cylinder
  • Proximity Capacitive Sensor: LJC18A3-B-J/DZA
  • small piece of aluminium foil paper 2 x 2 cm
  • 220v 20Amp SPDT Relay