Introduction: Auto Sun Visor Addition

Driving eastward in AM on winding freeway, glare from sun hits front windshield, then side window, then front, then side, then ... etc… Switching the sun visor from “front” to “side” & visa versa at 70MPH is dangerous! Ditto for driving westward in PM…

This is a “virtual” Instructable, because this build has only been performed in my mind, but I plan to actually do it (and would love to hear from community your results).

Materials: Wire Coat Hanger unfolded (or 3’ similar stiff wire), Cardboard, Duct Tape

Tools: Pliers (or strong fingers)

Step 1: Step 1

Move existing Sun Visor to side. Wrap one end of wire around “base” of existing Sun Visor (Wire Highlighted in RED), then stretch other end of wire to “clip” side…

Step 2: Step 2

The Sun Visor “clip” on my Honda has a “notch” where the other end of the wire can slip into and not interfere with normal Sun Visor! (Wire Highlighted in RED)

Step 3:

Fold cardboard (highlighted in GREEN) around wire, and tightly tape Cardboard with Duct Tape (highlighted in ORANGE). Cardboard should be TIGHT & SNUG against wire to provide needed friction to keep cardboard visor in place. You now have front visor to use when the Standard Visor is on the side!

Step 4: Step 4

Fold cardboard visor up for storage. Normal Sun visor can close over this cardboard visor.

Step 5: FAQs

Q. My sun visor clip has no notch – how can I connect wire to clip side so it doesn’t interfere with normal visor? A. How about wrapping wire under base of clip? Should hold well, and with wire tight against the roof, it provides more friction to keep cardboard visor in place! Also, how about flattening the wire a bit with a hammer so it fits into clip, and still has room for regular visor? Let me know your ideas.

Q. Cardboard is ugly, what options to make this look nicer? A. For a few $ more we offer the Deluxe Version, made by threading wire through a Visor CD holder. Should look nicer, but I don’t recommend to put CD’s in it, because weight will cause issues….

Q. How to increase “friction” between “cardboard visor” & “wire”? A. Would plastic coated wire have better friction? Maybe wrap some rubber bands around wire before putting on cardboard?

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