Eliminate Unpopped Popcorn Kernals!

Introduction: Eliminate Unpopped Popcorn Kernals!

Materials – large bowl, circular baking/cooling rack, and popcorn (of course)!

Step 1:

Place baking/cooling rack in bowl

Step 2:

Pop Popcorn (please check any of the 327 instructables on how to do that!), then put popcorn (or what you THINK is popped corn!) in bowl. Unpopped kernals pass harmlessly to bottom of bowl, away from genteel society.

Step 3: FAQs

Q. Why don’t all kernels pop? A. Perhaps we should first ask ourselves, why do we pop popcorn at all?

Q. What can I do with unpopped kernals? A. Throw them at unsuspecting llamas

Q. Do unpopped kernals have any health benefits? A. I can neither confirm, nor deny that.

Q. Why not just sell a bowl that has built in Kernal Catcher®? A. If you want to spend $20 on that, and shake it like an imbecile to make it work, be my guest… https://shop.justpoppin.com/Popcorn-Video-How-to-Use-the-Kernel-Katcher-Popcorn-Bowl_c_66.html

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