Introduction: Best Paper Party Bowl

Low cost, low maintenance (No dishwashing!), ad hoc, origami, party bowls. Great for kids party, office party, super bowl party, or for sharing Pop Corn!

Materials – rectangular paper

Step 1:

Fold a 1/3 section of paper over (design face up)

Step 2:

Ever fold paper airplanes? Similar - fold down top corners of the 1/3 section, as if you were making a paper airplane. Also fold down (up?) bottom corners same way….

Step 3:

Now fold in half the 1/3 section, same way you would fold in half paper airplane !

Step 4:

Repeat steps 1-3 on other side of paper.

Step 5:

Open middle flaps (gently please!), fill with your favorite snacks, enjoy!

Step 6: FAQs

Q. Is it Waterproof? A. Maybe use waterproof paper? Try Wax Paper!

Q. Can I cook with it? A. Maybe? Try aluminum foil!

Q. Is ink on paper bad for health? A. Use edible ink!

Q. What if I want a bigger bowl? A. Use a bigger piece of paper!

Q. What if I want a smaller bowl? A. Use a smaller piece of paper!

Q. What if the bowl is just right? A. Beat it, Goldilocks!

Q. What if I want a different color bowl? A. Use a different color paper!

Q. How to wash bowls? A. NO – just throw away – even better recycle - save the planet!

Q. Can I use round or triangle paper? A. YES - just fold that shape into Rectangle first!

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