Introduction: Automata

The original design on the left was much more complex. I would have been able to complete that design (which would have been more efficient) if I had the correct materials and tools


4 slabs of cardboard, 2 pencils, lots of hot glue, and a cardboard snake

Step 1:

Use the cardboard slabs and lots of hot glue to construct an archway with a floor. This will be the shell for the project

Step 2:

The next step is to make two cardboard discs of equal sizes. Put the pencils through the centers of the discs.

Step 3:

The next step is to make a hole in the center of the top part of the cardboard. Next you must make another two holes directly across from each other on the sides of the cardboard construction. Place the pencil with the disc in the middle through the hole with the disc in the middle. Next put the pencil with the disc in the bottom through the top hole with the disc main on top of the horizontal disc

Step 4:

Finally, just spin the bottom pencil and the bottom disc will spin the top disc, making the snake do a dance!