Introduction: Automata

How to make an automata display!


Supplies I used:

cardboard (box with one of the longer sides cut out, and 4 cardboard circles)





Step 1: Gathering Materials

Step 2: Glue/tape the Circles Into Pairs to Make Them Stronger. Then Create Holes in the Center of Each Pair Using a Skewer.

Step 3: Make Holes in Your Cardboard Box As Shown.

Step 4: Slide One of the Circles Onto the End of a Skewer. Tape/glue It to the End to Secure It. Slide the Skewer Into the Top Hole in the Box As Shown.

Step 5: Slide Another Skewer Through the Second Circle and Put It Through Halfway.

Step 6: Slide the Second Skewer Into the Two Holes on the Sides of the Box.

Step 7: Glue/Tape a Ring or Something Else You Would Like the Display on the Top Skewer Above the Box.

Step 8: You Are Done! by Twisting the Horizontal Skewers Your Display Should Spin!

Step 9:

Step 10: