Introduction: Automatic AC With Temperature Sensor

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Dear Friends,

I have made a Automatic AC with temperature sensor, and this project I have made it if the temperature if is getting warmer the motor will turn on and it gives a indication of led that the place is warm or getting hot. And when the the place is getting cold and it gives a green light an turns off the motor.


  • Arduino Uno 3
  • Temperature Sensor (TMP36)
  • DC motor
  • 1k(ohms) Resistor x2
  • Green and Red LED
  • Breadboard

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

  • I have used temperature sensor and connected it to the Arduino at GND, 5v and data pin using breadboard.
  • I have also used LED's green and red and connected it to the resistors of 1k(ohms) to control the current of led.
  • I have also added motor and connected it to Arduino using breadboard.

Step 2: Programming

First in void setup i have wrote the pin no's of the electronics and i wrote serial no. In void loop i have written the code for temperature sensor and then wrote the motor and led.

Please find the below of my tinker card project............