Introduction: Automatic Matchbox!

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I always liked the matchboxes! The matchbox is a very simple, cute and nice small parcel that you can store many many things like electronic components, nails, screws, even pils (some old men still use them for that).

Now i presenting you an automatic matchbox which is quite easy to open (with no danger of spoil the matches or anything else) and very easy to close!


for this project you will need:

cardboard (i used 0.3mm fat cardboard. it was the cover of a sketchbook)

pencil and pen


triangle ruller





Step 1: All You Need Is Shown Here!

Apart from the glue that glue! (sorry i forgot to put it on the photo)

You can see the files here and if you want you can make changes or improvements!

Step 2: Print the Drawings in Cardboard

Or you can draw the designs as shown at the files.

Step 3: Cut the Cardboard and

And fold it to create the boxes.

Step 4: First You Make the Outer Part of the Matchbox

it is not that hard. you ll just put some glue at trapezoids.

when you make the outer box the you ll make a small holein the center of left side of the box. then you put the rubberband inside.

Step 5: Make the Inner Box and Place It Inside the Outter Box

it is easy. just put some glue on the trapezoids and close it.

when you fix the inner box you ll make a small hole on the top cover. then you put the rubberband inside the hole and you make a knot as shown in the photo

Step 6: The Matchbox Is Almost Ready

you just have to pull the rubberband and make a know at the outer part. here you can also use the stapler to fix the knot onto the card board. do not forget to cut the rubberband the exceeds.

then put some glue next to the knot and glue the cardboard that ecxeeds.

Step 7: It Is Done!

just a small detail.

make a very small hole as shown at the photo!

on the video you ll see it how it works!

Step 8: Now You Can Put Anything You Want Inside!

From matches (you must also glue on the box the surface that light strikes the match) and screws to pils (aged people with fat shivering hands will find it very comfort)

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