Introduction: 10mm Origami Crane

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I love making origamis! My favourite origami is the crane. I have made thousands in several sizes.

Now i m presenting you an origami crane with a very small size!


you will need only paper and a paper cutter (and glasses if you have presbyopia)

Step 1: Read the Instructions First!!!

Making an origami crane is not very simple if you make origami for first time, so you have to read the instructions above and make your first origami crane with a big piece of square paper.

Step 2: Prepare Your Piece of Paper

Use your paper cutter and a ruler to cut a square piece of paper 11mm x 11mm.

Step 3: Start Making the Crane

this is the most difficult ... you ll need patience!

use the cutter to fold the paper more precice. press the paper after folding it.

Step 4: And the Result Is ...

it is not that difficult. just be patient!

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