Introduction: Automatic Plant Watering Device

I recently had my hands on probably the oldest book I have ever touched, 1947, it was a gardening book.

With the Indoor gardens contest I decided I might get a few useful tips, I am now disappointed that I didn't buy the book! It had sooooo many different tips and tricks on almost everything to do with gardening - it was amazing.

Well anyway, here is one trick I learned from it, automatic watering system.

All you need is:

  1. Small plant
  2. Container larger than plant (see photo)
  3. Stanley/Exact-o knife
  4. Marker pen
  5. Scissors
  6. Cotton wick
  7. Simple skill

So if you have all those tools you can get started!

Step 1: How to Make This Thing!

This is only one step, so I will try to explain it my best.

Firstly, measure around the base of the pot on top of your lid.

Mark a dot at each corner and if it is a round pot you will have to trace the outline.

Now mark a smaller square in the middle of that circle/dotted square and put an "X" in it - The "X" tells you that this part is to be thrown away.

Now cut out the smaller square you have made and throw it in the bin.

The area between the dots and the hole you just made will become a lip/ledge to stop your plant from falling in the container completely.

Now take the cotton wick and cut it about 10cm long and 1cm wide.

Poke it up and under one of the drain holes in the pot and as far into the soil as you can without losing the other end.

Now fill the container with water and put the plant on top making sure the wick is in the water and you are done!

Thanks for reading, please vote for me in the last day of the indoor gardening contest!

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