Introduction: Automatic Prank

While some one open the door and get in. Is any thing fall in their head they think its lizard or spider and get prank. But at each time we want to place it over the door and get back is not a good idea. So automatically if the spider goes up and down then it is very fine. Come lets see how to do.

Step 1: ​Materials Needed

Materials Needed

1) jump clip 2 nos or Anchor bolt.

2) Paper Tape (if use anchor bolt then hammer to fix it)

3) Thread.

4) Item to prank (I use a doll key chain, Try with rubber spider or lizard or snake).

5) Counter weight. I use a bottle filled with water).

Step 2: Plan

Plan for the automatic prank is given above. when the door opens the counter weight pull up and the prank item get down. When the door close the counter weight pull the prank item up. Come lets see how i did it.

Step 3: Prepare the Jump Clip

1) straighten the small side of the jump clip.

2) Make a 2 small round in the straighten side.

3) Make two jump clip like this.

Step 4: Fix the Jump Clip

1) This is my room Door. Fix the Jump clip on the wall above the door using paper tape. Fix it nearly half feet up from the door. Then only the prank item never stuck in the door while closing.

2) I never fix the jump clip in the center of the door. Because my door is only able to open partially. So any one only able to enter near left side so i consider the space as middle.

3) Paste another jump clip straight to the door clamp side.

4) If u have anchor then fix it in spite of jump clip.

Step 5: Connect the Thread

1) Take two long thread and insert it straight through both jump clip.

2) Tie both the thread in the counter weight bottle to the door clamp side .

3) Leave the bottle to hang and hold the other side of the thread.

4) Split the threads on the opposite side and paste one thread to the corner of the door.

5) Close the door and now the thread is tension because of the counter weight.

6) Take another thread and tie the doll or rubber spider or snake or lizard or any other item in the thread some space above the door (this only avoid item from stuck in side the door)

7) If low weight item is used add some item for weight with the item(i add a small weight over the item).

Step 6: See the Finished Work

See the full Construction.

Step 7: How It Prank

Place a camera on facing the door and record how others react. When the door open and got in it stuck their head.

Step 8: Watch How It Works

Have fun.

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