Introduction: Automatic Seasoning Machine

We are living in an age that everything is 'Automatic'. Nowadays, technology had been improved faster and faster which makes our life much easier. The product I have made is 'Automatic Seasoning Machine'. I came up with this product because lots of the time when we cook, we can't find the seasoning (ingredients) we need for the meal that we are making. Sometimes we overcooked the meal or cook the meal without the seasoning we need such as salt and sugar and it makes our food taste bad. This machine will help people solve all these problems within 2 seconds.

Step 1: Prepare

Materials needed are:

1.Arduino board


3.Plastic boards

4. Servo


6. plastic Cups (optional size)

7. Hot glue gun

8.Rubber bands + pin

9.Decoration materials

Step 2: Cut the Plastic Board

Step 3: Plastic Film's Hole

Step 4: Glu Structures of the Box

Step 5: Glue the Plastic Film

Step 6: Place the Button

Step 7: Place the Lids

Step 8: Place the Servo

Step 9: Place the Button in the Box

Step 10: Decoration #1

Step 11: Coding and Arduino

You can press on the link or download the file I have given. If you want to change the angle of your servo to make it more suitable for your product, you can change the number on lines 4 and 5. Also, you can change the D pin for both servo and the button to any D pin you want, it's on lines 8,9 and 14. There's also a description behind each code. Check it out!! Link

Step 12: Cover the Board

Step 13: Decoration #2

Step 14: Final Decoration

Step 15: Videos and Picture

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