Introduction: Automatic Bookmark

This is a really cool idea, one that I think should really take off! But alas it is not my idea and all credits for this go to rwong15, who unfortunately felt that he wouldn't be able to make a set of instructions for this bookmark! It is a very simple idea and is fairly simple to make!

Step 1: What You Need

The tools needed for this project are normal household objects!
You will need:
A printer (if you are going to use the template provided)
A craft knife (only if you have, it is not necessary)

Step 2: Template

The template provide has a pattern already on it but you can create your own design to put on it!
The link is shown below!
I would print this on card so that you have a more substantial bookmark!
This bookmark can't be too flimsy so print it on something that you see suitable!

Step 3: Your Own Design

This picture is of the bookmark that I put my own design on!
I let my little brother design it so please excuse it's, let's say, originality! 

Step 4: Finishing Off

All that is left is to cut out the book mark!
I suggest cutting along the rectangular 'U' that is inside the square part of the bookmark first! This is purely because I personally find it easier, not sure about anyone else!
There is also a tab above the curved part of the bookmark that needs to be folded!

Step 5: How It Works

The bookmark is a very good idea and is simple to make and use! Here is a video made by rwong15 that shows you how to use it!
I hope you all like this bookmark! And also I hope that you, rwong15, feel that this has done your project justice!
Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below and either myself or I'm sure the genius behind the idea, rwong15, will be happy to answer them for you!