Introduction: The Gardener's Planter

This is a quite a quick and easy project which will hopefully add a bit of fun into your garden! The simple design is based on a standard pea trellis with the intention that you'll be able to find everything needed to make it within garden supplies you already own. The following steps will outline the basic procedure to create the planter, however, there is a lot of opportunity to customise the design to best suit your own visions!


  • String
  • Garden canes
  • Plant pot
  • Saw
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Step 1: What You'll Need


  • String
  • Garden canes
  • Plant pot


  • Saw
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Step 2: Macrame Hanger

The macrame hanger used for this project is one of the most basic versions and it's the simplicity of it which I like the most. However, there are many different variations which are much more elaborate and if you have a pattern you prefer you can most certainly use that instead.
The actual macrame hanger used for this project was made from some standard string but the hanger shown in this tutorial is made from some shoelaces as this will hopefully make it easier to follow.

Step 3: Macrame Hanger: Create the First Level of Knots

To make a hanger of the size shown, cut 4 equal lengths of string approximately 36 inches long.
I find it easiest to loop the string over a nail or door handle and work with it hanging down as shown in the picture above.
To start take 2 adjacent pieces of string and tie them together with a simple overhand knot.
Continue grouping off the remaining pieces of string into pairs and tying them together in the same manner.
You want to try and keep the knots in each pair at about the same height as each other but don't worry about making this too exact, they just have to be roughly level.
At the end of this step you should have 4 completed knots as shown in the picture above.

Step 4: Macrame Hanger: Create the Second Level of Knots

Now we want to create 4 new knots, much like the previous step, but just slightly below the ones we already have.
Using a piece of string from two different pairs, create an overhand knot and tie them together. This is best explained by the picture above.
Repeat this with the remaining string ensuring that each new knot is formed using string from two different pairs.
The 4th and final knot that you tie in this step should form the enclosed loop of the hanger which will sit around the plant pot.
I think this step is best understood by referring to the pictures provided!

Step 5: Macrame Hanger: the Final Knot

Gather the ends of all 8 pieces of string and tie them together with an overhand knot which will form the base of the hanger.
Place the plant pot in the hanger to check it fits the way you would like it too.
Trim the excess string left over below the knot to a length that you like.

Step 6: Stand: Preparing the Cane

For the size of stand shown, cut 4 lengths of the cane to 350mm and 1 length of cane to 300mm.
Place two of the 350mm legs into the soil in the shape of an X as shown in the picture above.

Step 7: Stand: Secure the Joint

Cut a piece of string just under a metre in length. Start to wrap it around the canes at the point where the two cross. Wind it round at least ten times to ensure you secure the joint before tying it off.
Leave the excess string for now as we may use it in a later step.

Step 8: Stand: the Last Legs

Repeat the previous two steps to form the other end of the stand.
I recommend laying the 300mm cane on the ground underneath the stand to ensure you get the correct distance between the two ends.

Step 9: Stand: the Crossbar

Take the macrame hanger and loop it over the 300mm cane.
Place the cane into the V-shaped notch of the stand.
At this point you can secure it in place by wrapping round the excess string you have left from tying the 2 legs together in the previous steps. However, this isn’t necessary if you feel it is stable enough already.
Trim off any string that is left over.

Step 10: Finished!

That's it! That's all there is to this little planter! Feel free to mess about with the design and give it your own twist. Instead of cane you could use twigs from a tree to give it a more natural look or maybe use some better quality wood to make it look a bit fancier.
Change the height for bigger plant pots or to make it stand out more in the garden. Maybe even make a larger one to support multiple macrame hangers.
The design can also be used as an indoor planter to add some decoration to the living room too!
Be sure to leave any pictures in the comments if you end up making one yourself and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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