Introduction: Automatically Dustbin

This project idea was from this website

The project was to create a dustbin that will open automatically when you get close to it.

I am a lazy person, if I have to open the dustbin by myself, I might just throw it on the ground. By using this Dustbin, you can just walk close to it and it will open by itself, you don't have to worry about opening the dustbin. This invention is for making my room no longer messy.

Different from the website I listed on top, I used Arduino Leonardo instead of Arduino Uno, I have to make some changes on the code and the circuit to make this project work. For example, the code from the origin website only have "if the distance is smaller than 50", I have to change it to "if the distance is smaller than 50 and Does not equal 0". The circuit of the original website uses 3.3v, Arduino Leonardo have to use 5v, and there are also a lot more changes on the circuit.


Arduino Leonardo

Ultrasonic Sensor

Servo Motor


Step 1: Dustbin

Cut two holes on the dustbin for the Ultrasonic sensor, and cut a piece of cardboard in half, tape it back for the top of the dustbin.

Step 2: Coding

Step 3: Circuit

If you can not understand by these two pictures, go to the original website, and make little changes looking at these two pictures if you are using Arduino Leonardo.

Step 4: Final Step

attach all the objects in your dustbin and try if it works!

Step 5: Video