Introduction: Cereal Mixer

Cereal is a good choice for your breakfast, but sometimes I am too lazy to even mixing the milk and cereal together, so I invented this machine that allows me to mix the milk and the cereal just pressing one button. This invention will make me not have to mix the cereal and the milk together by myself.


Arduino Leonardo - 1

Breadboard - 1

button - 1


Box - 1

Plastic cylinder box - 1



Step 1: Cut Boxes

Cut a triangle hole on the bottom of the plastic cylinder box, and cut the same hole on the paper box.

Step 2: Coding

Step 3: Connect the Wires

Step 4: Final

connect the plastic cylinder box with the paper box by their holes with the servo, and put the wires in the box to hide it, only leave the button outside to press. Test the machine and enjoy your cereal!

Step 5: Video