Introduction: Awesome Bike Trailer

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I made this super awesome bike trailer to do shopping, buy and transport trees and plants, get lumber....etc.
It's lightweight, takes over 200 lbs of load, versatile, maneuverable, ecologic and the best of all - cheap to make!

Make it and you'll love it, guaranteed!

Step 1: Cutting the Stock

Cut Red Cedar boards to length and width on the table saw and miter saw.
Then dry assembled everything.

Step 2: Joining the Frame

Join the frame of the trailer with 4 inch hex screws and glue.
Use clamps and wooden spacer for same measures on both sides of the frame.

Step 3: Making the Box

I made the box out of Guanacaste wood (rot resistant) but you can use any type, just protect the wood accordingly.

I used pocket holes to make the box sitting on top of the frame.

Then I joined the boards using pocket screws and glue for the sides and bottom.
I also added some screws from the outside for added strength.

Use the jigsaw to cut handle holes on both sides.

Sealer was applied and I used projector to trace the Aztecan pattern onto the box.

Later my wife painted the tracings with black acrylic paint.
When it was dried I put on 2 coats of lacquer with sanding between the 2 coats.

Step 4: Metal Parts

I had to make some metal parts to attach wheels and to attach the trailer to bike's rear axis.

I made 4 pieces for wheels, and 3 pieces for the mechanical connection.

File the sharp edges, sand and then paint all (I painted mine the bike's color)

Mechanical parts were assembled as shown in the last picture.

Step 5: Finishing the Frame

Make the cross part out of Oak (or any hardwood) for connection to the rear axis of the bike.
Drill the vertical hole for the bolt and wing nut that attach the trailer to the mechanical parts.

Add two 45 degree bars for added strength and to unify the frame.

When it is all done sand everything and put sealer and two coats of lacquer,

again sanding between the coats.

Step 6: Putting Everything in Place

Install metal braces and then attach wheels to them.

Then attach the trailer to the mechanical parts.

When trailer is not in use the mechanical parts swing freely

so there is potential danger of them catching up with chain

or spikes. There use rare Earth magnet to hold the pieces from swinging.

Attach the finished box with four screws from the inside onto the wooden frame.

Finally as a nice detail I installed a ''car'' plate.

Step 7: Enjoy Your New, Awesome and Handmade Bike Trailer

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