Introduction: Rolling Storage Cabinet

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I made this rolling cabinet to lift up my jointer/planer machine and to have some useful storage underneath.
Making it on wheels is perfect for small spaces as I can move it out of the way when I don't need it.

I used recycled materials (pine, particle board) because it is a work shop cabinet and it doesn't need to be fancy, only useful. I found most of it in trash.

If you want you can build it out of plywood or even go with some hardwood (walnut, oak) for a living space.

If your home center can cut the material for you, you just need to join it together - you don't need fancy tools or joinery to make it. A drill will be enough then.

Step 1: Cut Your Stock to Sizes

Cut your stock to any dimensions you want to adapt it to your needs (this is why there are no measures here).
It is very simple to build as you start with a simple box frame construction.

Step 2: Dovetails (optional Joinery)

Check out this jig for making dovetail joinery by hand, it is incredible:
Katz-Moses Magnetic Dovetail Jig

In this video I used David Barron's DT jig to make these dovetails but since I discovered Katz-Moses jig and I'm in love with it.
It has two magnets (opposed to one) and it makes your sawing perfect every time. Additionally it has 90 degree side to cut your shoulders square. In my opinion it is the best DT jig on the market to make hand cut dovetail joinery.

I used dovetail joinery as this is a workshop cabinet and it is under a lot of wear and tear.
It needs strong and sturdy joints as it will be moved a lot and racking would be a problem overtime.
So I opted for one of the strongest joint in wood. And I also LOVE the look of hand cut dovetails.
If you're intimidated or just don't want to fuss to make them you can use just screws and glue.
Butt join it together and you're done in a beat. Optionally drill a countersink and hide the screws with some wooden plugs (3/8'' dowels!).

If you want to see how I make hand cut dovetails here I made a video explaining the process:
How to Layout and Cut Dovetails using Hand Tools

Step 3: Cut Drawer Dividers

I found this particle board in trash and cut it to make drawer dividers and drawers themselves.
I used screws and dowels to plug/hide the screw heads only on top and sides of the cabinet.
I cut them with a saw and flush them with a chisel.

Step 4: Edge Banding

If you used particle board you'll want to hide those ugly edges.
If you bought solid wood you're already finished.
You can even use iron on edge banding to cover those edges.
There are a lot of options but I went for the hardest one since it is recycled and I wanted to keep cost to a minimum (this is how I buy my tools, by saving on some things).
I also went an extra mile and made sliding dovetail lookalike joint.

Step 5: Make Drawers

My drawers can be reached from both sides of the cabinet but you can attach back board to stop them from sliding on the other side.

Cut the boards to size your drawers and leave space for fronts.
I added some sliders on the bottom of the drawers from scrap laminate flooring - they slide very smooth and effortless!
Cut the fronts to size and attach it to the drawer construction from the inside with some screws.
I shop made the handles from scrap pieces of oak but probably store bought version would be nicer (but, again saving some money is good for a shop project).
The finger pull was routed in the handle and the handle was attached from behind.

Step 6: Add Wheels and You're Done!

...or add legs if you want to make it stationary.
Apply some finish and that's it!

I hope you like it!

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