Introduction: Awesome Caterpillar

Hi! When I was in elementary school, my teacher taught me how to make birds from thread balls and coloured paper. A few days ago I came up with the idea that I could make something using that technique. So, here we go! :D

Most caterpillars like to eat leaves of our favourite plants. But this beautiful creature we are going to make today won't consume your plants but will be a nice decoration and your new friend at you home :D Are you excited? Here's how to make that.

You don't need a lot of materials for this project. I guess you have already many of the supplies at home. If you lack something, just go out and buy it. Nothing for this project costs much, believe me!


  • balloons (or condoms :D)
  • PVA glue
  • thread (if you use yarn, the balls won't look like mine but like real balls)
  • needle
  • scissors
  • coloured paper
  • pencil

Step 1: Blow Up Balloons

First of all, you need to blow up some small round-shaped balloons (I blew up 5 balloons, you can blow up more balloons than I did, your caterpillar will be just longer).

Step 2: Start Wrapping Balloons

We need to pierce a PVA glue bottle with a needle in order to make thread sticky. After piercing the bottle, you can get of the needle. But don't throw it away! If you want to make a colourful caterpillar, you need to repeat the piercing again.

Start wrapping a balloon with sticky thread. Make sure that the thread is covering the balloon tight. You hands will be sticky, but I hope it doesn't stop you. You can always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Step 3: Finish Wrapping Balloons

If you think you finished wrapping, cut the end of the thread with scissors and use glue to stick it and press the end of the thread lightly on the balloons.

After finishing the first balloons, wrap the next ones. The more balls you make, the longer the caterpillar is.

Step 4: Let It Dry!

Hang the balloons so that the top part of them is fixed and the bottom part doesn't touch the ground is free to move. Make sure that children or pets don't touch them! They can burst the balloons or get stuck. Let the glue dry for some hours (I let it dry for a bit less than 24 hours) and make feelers, eyes and a mouth for your caterpillar!

Step 5: Make a Face

Your caterpillar needs a face and feelers. Draw two strips for feelers, two white and two black rounds for eyes and two arcs for a mouth.

Cut out the details.

Roll the strips for feelers with a pencil or another tool.

Glue black and white rounds together to make eyes.

Step 6: Burst the Balloons!

You can burst the balloons if you're sure that the glue is dry. Don't worry if your balls are as deformed as mine. They still look wonderful. Real caterpillars are not quite spherical :D

Step 7: Join the Balls Together

You can join the balls together with a piece of string, glue or double-sided sticky tape.

Step 8: Stick the Face

Stick the details (feelers, eyes and a mouth) on a ball that is going to be a head of your caterpillar.

Step 9: Done! the Caterpillar Is Adorable, Isn't It?

Now, as I promised, you have a nice decoration for your home and a new friend!

Thanks for reading it! I'm looking forward to your caterpillars! :D

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