Introduction: Awesome Lego Guns

Here are some awesome lego guns that I built. Hope you like! ;)

Step 1: TF2 Soldier

This is the Soldier from Team Fortress 2.

Step 2: Pyro

This is a pyro. (not from TF2)

Step 3: Special Forces

This is a Special Forces trooper.

Step 4: RPG

Take the stick out of the antenna (don't worry, it can go back in) and assemble as shown.

Step 5: Flamethrower (Easy)

This is an easy Flamethrower.

Step 6: Flamethrower (Medium)

This Flamethrower requires more pieces than the easy one.

Step 7: TF2 Flamethrower (Hard)

This TF2 Flamethrower requires more pieces than the easy and medium. It is also from TF2. Also, bend the stick in the antenna piece slightly. That will make it look like the real thing.

Step 8: Halo Fuel Rod Gun

The Fuel Rod Gun from Halo.

Step 9: Spear Gun (Made Up)

Just a cool gun I made once and thought that it would be a shame to leave it out of this.

Step 10: Halo Shotgun

The Shotgun from Halo.

Step 11: The STABr (Made Up)

A gun with a blade. What could go wrong? :)

Step 12: Paintball Gun

A gun with paint.