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Introduction: Awesome Sock Phone Case

I love Pacman!!! In fact, I am the undisputed Pacman champion of Coventry Makerspace!

I get lots of Pacman gifts from people. I couldn't bear to ruin these fetching socks by doing something so mundane as put my feet into them (the horror!) and I have had them for a while now, not quite sure what to do with them but certain that some awesome use would come along one day.

And now it has! I have a new phone. It is not a common make or model. I have not found any case for it that I like, but being a bit of a clumsy one, I need something to protect it. So here it is! An awesome Pacman phone sock to look after my phone for me and make life rock that tiny bit more.

This project is inexpensive, quick, easy and fun! So go find an awesome sock and show your phone some love!

Step 1: Gather Materials

This is such a simple make. It requires very little:

  • A sock (preferably clean, but an odd sock will do)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread (preferable in similar colour to sock)

Got that? Awesome! Lets go make a phone sock!

Step 2: Measure Your Phone

The first thing to do is turn your sock inside-out and measure your phone against it.

Simple, eh?

The most difficult part of this step is going to photograph it for an instructable, only to realise that the camera you want to use is contained within the phone you want to take a picture of. Oops!

Step 3: Stitch the Sock and Cut to Size

I prefer to stitch before I cut, just because it is easier to keep everything nice and straight - socks are made from a jersey fabric and have a tendency to curl up once cut. Stitch the sock across where you want the bottom of the phone sock to be. You don't need any fancy stitches, just simple running stitch will do just fine!

If you have a slim phone (or a large sock!) You may need to stitch up the side of the phone sock as well. Having a phone with a large size and a small size of sock, I didn't have to do this!

Once you have stitched the new seams securely, you can cut away the unwanted areas of sock. Stash them away somewhere for another awesome project another time!

Step 4: Enjoy Awesomeness!

And there you go. A fifteen minute project that will awesome up your life and make you smile every time you reach for your phone!

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Very cute. Great way to customize your phone, and protect it too.

One thing I think I would do differently is to make an opening in the bottom, like the plastic phone cases have, for easy access to plug it in without having to remove the cozy and a little ventilation.

London Lady
London Lady

7 years ago

OMG!!!!! This is soooooo awesome! XD Now I'm wishing I had a cool sock to use.... >.<


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Thanks! You can find lots of cool socks about - you'll find one...