Introduction: Awesome Spring Things

I like to make these when I'm bored at school. It passes the time and is quick and easy to do.

Step 1: Materials

So first you need to gather your materials.
You will need,
Some paper,
A Pen,
A glue stick,
Some Crayons,
A pair of scissors

Step 2: Getting Ready

Okay so first we need to take the bottom of our piece of paper and cut a strip off about 3cm thick,( the longer it is the higher it will jump.)

Step 3: Making the Spring Thing

Okay so this is the main bit,
Basically you need to curl the paper around your pen at an angle. So it looks a bit like an ice cream cone.

Step 4: Tuning Your Spring Thing

To make it better simply pull it out to its full length and twist the bottom until it is as small as possible.This will make it jump higher. ( Please note this needs to be re-done after using it for a whole as it loses some of its elasticity!)

Step 5: Customizing

Now we need to take some plain white paper and draw a little face on it, ( about the size of your nail) then colour it in,cut it out and glue it on.

Step 6: Competition Time

Challenge your friend to make one and see whose can jump the highest.To make them bounce grab the top, pull it down and let go.