Introduction: Awesome Flame Sword

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This is a generalized how to make a flame sword since not every one will have the same sword. this sword also has a optional fuel bottle to keep the flame going longer. for this I will be using a cheap foam sword but i would advise using something a little stronger if you wan it to last.

Step 1: What You Need

1- the sword

2- aquarium tubing (only needed if you choose to add the fuel bottle)

3- scissors

4- little squirt bottle (only needed if you choose to add the fuel bottle)


6- clay

7-nail polish remover/ fuel

8- some absorbent fabric

Step 2: Optional- Fuel Bottle

1-for my sword i removed the one layer of foam that is glued on but might not apply to your sword.

2-cut away some the foam from the handle to the tip for the tubing to be placed.

3-place the removed foam piece back in place to hold the tubing in place

4- at the end of the tubing place your squirt bottle filled with your fuel

I say this is optional because it only really works with this foam sword but it is not needed for the actual sword if you cant add it.

Step 3: Fire Proof the Foam (not Needed If You Are Using Metal Sword)

for fire proofing the sword blade i covered the blade with clay so it will not burn the foam or plastic under it.

Step 4: Now Add the Wick/ Fabric

now you will need to epoxy the fabric onto the sword cut the fabric and adjust it until it looks good.

Step 5: Light It Up

now the moment we all have been waiting for take the nail polish remover or fuel of choice and wet the fabric with it and light it up.

Step 6: Vote for Me and Leave a Comment

if you like the project vote for this in the prop contest and please leave a comment i really like reading comments thanks:)

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