Introduction: Axe With Replaceable Blade

You will need a Large utility knife blade, a chuck of hickory or other hardwood, and woodworking tools.

Step 1: Axe With Changeable Blade

What the video and if you have any questions continue on with the rest of the instructable.

Step 2: Design

Trace an old axe handle or freehand your own design.

Step 3: Cut

Cut out your handles rough shape. I prefer to use the bandsaw but you could probably use a jigsaw or handsaw.

Step 4: Shape

Shape your handle with a drawknife and small spoke shave. Use your Drawknife to remove the bulk of the material.

Step 5: Attach Your Blade

Cut a groove in the head for the blade to slide into. My blade was roughly 1/8 wide. Drill two holes in your handle that match the holes in the blade. Bolt the blade through the holes and you are all set.

Step 6: DONE

Stick a fork in it because it's done.

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