Introduction: B-612 CANDLE KAROUSEL

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IN A GALAXY FAR AWAY ...Now that I have your atention let me show you my latest project powered by the heat of four candles .

This kinetic piece its inspired in the Germans Christmas Pyramide.

My sons favourite book its The Little Prince by Antoine de Saints Exupéry, and the youngest Of my childs its learning to read so I decided to bring his favourite characters to reality. Hope you like it, rated and vote.


Blank of soft wood

carving knives

acrilyc paints.

Hand drill


Leather needle

Test tube


I started with a piece of soft wood , just removing the wood chips that doesnt belongs to the hidden figure that lays in it. I used an office cutter and a carving knife, no previous design just having fun. Always cutting away of my body, In the process I had to solve some issues and make some simple tools in order to acomplish the task. ,I cutted some 1 cm stripes of Sand paper and attached with the staple in a rubber band,it helped me to sand in difficult regions to reach. Once is shaped I just used thin sand paper to remove imperfections.

I started with the little prince, I tried to respect the original design so I didnt make fancy designs just nice and easy. then I made the little fox, the little Rose and the Baobab where the whole things its going to spin.


I used acrilyc paints and for the rainbow I used colored chalks.I painted the little planets just dripping some paint drops on plastic caps then put it in the black board.For the B612 sign I used the Wood burner and apply stain to dark the wood.


For the base I used a 35x35 cms board , then I find the center and drill a hole in the middle where it lays a glass dome where the point of the needle its going to spin. then I cutted the shape of the planet B612 and fit the central axis with the needle. I painted the board in black as the deep space and paint a planets on it. Then I cutted an arch and a rainbow on it with a nice star.


Here its the tricky part. Lets move that thing around. So the central axis have a needle where the whole thing spin around the needle spin on a glass dome from a broken test tube. when the candles heat the air it goes up and push the propeller wings and spin around. this process took me a while cause you have to make sure that the propellers wings are big enough to collect the heat. you have to make sure that nothing touch the base. Anf find the propper inclination degree of the wings.

Step 6: ITS ALIVE !!

I feel so great to finnally materialize this idea that were spinning around my head for almost a year. all the research was in bloddy German but I had to figure it out how to make it. Actually I cant believe that there are not so enough info about this old craft. I have to say that were so many sleepless nights trying to figure it out how was this mechanism its going to work.That feeling of joy when started to move by its own its indescriptable.

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