B.A.H. M6-2010

Introduction: B.A.H. M6-2010

 Hi fellow k'nexers,this is my first instructable on my B.A.H.M6-2010 (Bolt Action Holden-Model 6 2010).Ever since DEADMEAT90 posted a video on a shell ejecting,bolt action, sniper,people have bugged the crap out of him to make instructions.This is why I decided to make my own.(Your welcome DEADMEAT)You wait no longer.

Step 1: Clip

Real simple.Follow pics.

Step 2: Main Body and Shell Chamber Mech.

Follow pics.

Step 3: Bolt,Ram,Trigger

Step 4: Barrel

Step 5: Putting Together,Banding

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    can i build a try to post a better ible because i modded the shell chamber and mag and now it shoots 40-50 feet ang it never jams

    Plastic Fury
    Plastic Fury

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Btw this is DiddyDo. I made this when I was ten. I'm working on an update to have removable mags and a better trigger. It also has a thumb hole stock with the Firing pin over stock. If you want you can post your gun, or do a collaboration with me or something.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    lol i just finished modding noneedto's l96 to make one with the same purpose as yours :D