Introduction: BBQ Bacon Sushi Sliders

Hey guys, I didn't really plan on making an instuctable about this. I was just making this for the shear pleasure of it and took the pictures to send to a chef friend of mine to show him what he was missing. After realizing how amazing they were and easy to make I couldn't help but share this with you guys. Hope you try it out for yourself.

I was inspired by this video after a friend of mine turned me on to it. I made a some changes based on the way I like my hamburger meat plus I thought it was a no brainer to make them sliders.

Step 1: Collect These Magical Items

What We're Going to Need:

1) 1.5 Pounds Bacon(I used thick cut bacon but a thinner cut may be easier to wrap with)

2) 1.5 Pounds Ground Beef(I used 10 percent fat chuck but you could use a standard 20 percent that is normally used for hamburger)

3) 1 Sweet Onion

4) Smoked Gruyere(arguably the best melting Cheese, but also expensive so a Havarti or other cheeses would also work)

5) Your Favorite Steak or Hamburger Dry Seasoning(I used a grinder style Montreal seasoning)

6) Sweet Hawaiian Rolls

7) Other slider fixings if you want them(lettuce, sliced red onion, chili,)

Step 2: Not So Sushi Sushi

Again I apologize for the lack of massive amounts of pictures, but hey, you cant have it all. Start up the barbecue! 350- 400° F Place saran wrap down double wide with about an inch or two overlap to cover a decent amount of your counter top, the more the better. Finely chop up the sweet onion. In a bowl mix the ground beef, the onion, and the seasoning(I also use a gratuitous amount of salt and pepper). Lay down strips of bacon vertically on the saran wrap with a slight bit of overlap on each piece. Spread out the hamburger mixture on top of the bacon leaving about a half inch to 1 inch on the bottom and two sides. On the top leave 2 to 3 inches, this will be used as a final flap to seal the roll. Cut the gruyere cheese into what I can only explain to be logs. Place the cheese about inch up from the bottom of the hamburger meat leaving at least an inch on each side(this will keep the cheese from seeping out while cooking). Use the saran to help you fold over the bottom edge over the cheese and tightly roll it up making sure not to roll the saran in it. fold and press the ends in so that they are completely sealed, this way that sneaky cheese cant escape. Place it in a pan and take it outside.

Step 3: Qing It Up

Place it in the BBQ on indirect heat at around 350F pay attention to the way the roll is rolled, the extra flap should be on the bottom and pointed towards the center for the BBQ(this will make since shortly). Indirect heat is when the burner under the roll is turned off or in the case of charcoal, the charcoal is on the opposite side of the BBQ. Put the lid on and don't touch it for 45 min. during this time the roll will set and the bacon will create a seal to hopefully keep all that delicious cheese inside. once the 45min is done gently roll the fantastic towards the center of the grill, if it was placed correctly on the grill it should roll and peal off the grill instead of unroll. Either way pay attention to the direction and you'll be fine. Move the roll over to medium heat and start browning the outside of the roll. I did them in 5 min increments turning 30 degrees or so every time. When its pretty its done. Let it rest for 10 minutes and now for the best part.

Step 4: NomNomNom

Slice it up into acceptable discs and serve it up on those amazing little sweet hawaiian rolls. You could basically put anything on a hawaiian roll and it would be amazing but this is something out of this world. It doesn't need any help but you could always put some green things on it if that floats your boat.

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