Introduction: BIG POV Fan : HACKED!!

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THIS is a simple , fun , and easy DIY project that kids and adults can enjoy making .

POV or persistence of vision projects are interesting and fun projects to build. all you need are a motor led, and some easy to find components, if you liked this project feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel and support me with nice words.

the build materials are:

*12 volts motor( medium size)

*Arduino nano

* magnet

*3144 hall effect sensor

*8 leds ( high bright led i used white but red is cool too )

*3.7 lipo battery

*8 NPN transistors : 2n3904

*lipo battery charging circuit : tp4056

*on of switch : optional

NOTE 1: the battery is optional you can go with 9v battery but its heavy and ugly and wont last for long .

NOTE2 : in case using 9v batt you should use resistors or you will burn your led

Step 1: Building the Frame

The POV frame will hold the leds , the rest of the electronics and the motor, make sure its not heavy or you will need to use a more powerful motor( electric drill tool motors are good motors).

i first used MDF 5 mm wood but it was too heavy so i used PCB instead .

i glued two long pieces and the results where really good.

Step 2: Electronics

we will use Arduino nano to control the whole thing , its easy to hook in up to a usb and program it and cheap to get.

we will use transistors to control the leds , that way we can have the most out of our leds ( in brightness) .

NOTE: if you connect the led to your Arduino directly you will not get the full brightness of the led since the Arduino does not deliver high current .

-we will use a 3.7 lipo battery with 250 mah so we can charge it when needed. plus the system does not consume a lot so its a fair deal and will last you long.( how long ? it depends on you luck ? , bro do the maths).

-we will use a hall effect sensor , you ask why?

well its very hard to match up the frequency of your Arduino and motor rotation so 9 out of10 you will have the character sniping back and forth and that will be very hard to read so we use hall effect sensor so we can always start showing the character at the same moment in the same place that way we will not have any funny movement.

when fixing the magnet make sure that the hall effect sensor can detect it , this small module does not have a big range so fix it 1 cm away from the sensor to be safe it will always works.

-when soldering the led make sure to keep the close leave about half cm to get the clearest vision possible.

if you space the led too much the character will look messy and we don't want that.

FOLLOW the schematics to make the connections between the electronics parts.

Step 3: Fixing Your Motor to the Frame

this is easy !! like super easy! use got glue and make sure its really really tight . if your motor is so fast the frame can fly into your pretty face and we don't want that to happen right?

my motor had w metallic gear i made a 5mm hole into the PCB and use force and hot glue.!! its stuck here for good :D

Step 4: Make Sure It's Balanced

This is very important !! make sure that the parts are well placed or the frame will start vibrating and creating bad noises and can break !!.

Step 5: UPLOAD the Code and DONE

this is the code : you may want to change some stuff to suite your taste feel free , i used many codes i found in the net to create this. if you have any question feel free to ask me here:

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Step 6: Fixing the Frame to Something

now you are done all you have to do is fixing it to something so it can rotate freely . i used this old fan for that since the metal cage will provide w protection encase the PCB decided to go flying .

you can use wood to fixed in or just make a hole on your wall :D. izi!

Step 7: DONE &&&&& Enjoy ( Consider Supporting Me?)

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