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Here they are! Your perfect pair of Halloween shoes. Put these on and you are all set for a fun filled night of tricks or treats!


For this project you will need

1) acrylic paints, burnt sienna, black, cream, tan, red, and gloss red

2) 3 paint brushes, fine, medium and medium large

3) a pair of canvas slip on shoes

4) a paper covered work surface

5) small container of water for brush cleaning

6) paper towels for wipes and spills

Step 1: Sketch in the Bones, and Paint the Background...

Sketch in five toes, each one having 3 bone segments. Then, fill in the background with black acrylic paint. Don't worry if you go over the lines, the paint dries quickly and you will then paint the bones in with cream acrylic paint.

Step 2: Paint the Bones

Paint the bones in with cream paint, then, when dry use the fine brush and the brown paint to paint the joints of the toes. When dry, paint a broad red uneven line across the shoe at the base of the toes. Then, paint a red line from under one of the toe bones resembling a cut vein. When the vein paint is dry, place a small black circular line at the top end of the vein, a small red drip out of the end, and a white line on the top of the vein as a highlight. Let dry.

Step 3: Paint the Rest of the Shoe

Paint the body of the shoe with the tan paint. Let dry.

Step 4: Fine Tune the Toes

On the tan body of the shoe above the red line, paint random red blobs of paint to resemble blood spatters. Then, place red paint running over the side of the shoe on both sides. When dry put a fine black line at the side of the red paint running over the shoe edge. Paint random drops and streaks of red paint on the bones too. When dry place some burnt sienna on the red paint giving it a dried blood look. Then, using the glossy red paint, place random blobs of paint on the matte red paint, giving it a wet look.

Step 5: Repeat the Steps on the Second Shoe

The second shoe goes faster, as you are an old hand at this point...they don't have to be identical, but the effect looks great. Acrylic paint is waterproof, so don't worry about the rain.. and have a Happy Haunted Halloween!

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