Introduction: BMW I8 Birthday Cake

My Son inspired me to create the BMW i8 electric car for his birthday cake, after searching around the net, I can't find anything descent, so I just have to create it all by myself based on the miniature model of the car.

Step 1: Bake a Cake As You Would Normally

Depends on the size of the cake, the template I had share is for a small cake. You should be able to find in the internet how to bake a cake.

Step 2: Create the Fondant Icing Using the Following Instruction

If you opt in to buy the fondant icing you can skip this step, otherwise here are the step to make the icing.


- 150 gr mini marshmallows

- 2 table spoon of water

- 450 gr of icing sugar

- oil for hands during kneading


1. Melt marshmallows with water in microware for 20 seconds, stir the sticky mixture

2. Add 150 gr of the icing sugar and stir using spoon or spatula until it is kneadable

3. keep adding icing sugar until the mixture is kneadable

4. transfer the whole onto the counter on top of baking paper to reduce the mess, knead, knead and knead, while adding more icing until it has consistency like playdoh. Don't forget to oil your hand to ensure that it doesn't stick

Step 3: Prepare the Template

Cut out the template as per the above. Stick the base of the car to a cardboard and cover with aluminium foil to make the base of the cake.

Cut out the rest of the template and use the template to cut the fondant icing to decorate.

Step 4: Stack the Cake and Cut Into Shape

Stack the cake using some buttercream frosting, then cut it up to the shape using the side template. Then rolled up the fondant icing thin about 4 mm, and cover up the cake that had been shaped, trim the edges off, and rolled the excess under the car.

Step 5: Decorate the Cake Using the Cut Out Shape of the Fondant

Start decorating with the cut out of the fondant icing. I started with the side, and repeat the mirror image for the other side. I use lollies covered with icing for the wheels, and then using knife shape the alloy wheel spoke.

Finished up the front with the bonnet, roof top, grills and bumper. Followed by detailing of the back bumper.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

I didn't have the blue tint when I made the fondant so I had to do some touch up with blue tint when I get hold of it. Using the small brush, I coloured the outline the blue hue for the grill and the lights.