Introduction: BTTF Hoverboard

In Back To The Future 2 Marty McFly is shown riding a now iconic hover board. This instructable shows you how to make your very own hover board desk toy.

*I'm having trouble uploading the cad files, I'll have them uploaded as soon as possible sorry for any inconvenience

Step 1: How It Works

The hoverboard functions based on the priciples of magnetic repulsion. The board has magnets built in the bottom and a magnetic track on the ramp. The board will slide up and down on the for a long period of time.

Step 2: Materials

You will need:


3d printing files

Pink, White, Green and Yellow paint*

2 Magnets

Magnetic Strip


* optional for painting

Step 3: Hoverboard and Ramp

The hover board and ramp are both one piece items, meaning their is no assembly required. You simply 3d print the files and they are ready

Step 4: Attach the Magnets

Using the glue attach the 2 disc magnets to the slots in the bottom of the hover board and the magnetic strip to the groove beneath the ramp. The strip serves as the track and the magnets on the board allow it to hover above it to levitate above the ramp about 1/4 inch.

CAUTION: Make sure that the magnets are oriented properly when you go to mount them, if they are mounted incorrectly then they will not repel and your board will just stick to the ramp!

Step 5: Sand and Paint (Optional)

Using the sandpaper sand the board till it is smooth the board. Then using your paint fill in the board as the picture shows. It could also be helpful to draw the decal on first and ignore the text, if it's too hard for you to paint.

Step 6: Set Up

Place the ramp on a smooth flat surface. Then take the hover board & place it above the track, it may be a bit hard to find at first. Then gently release the hover board and watch it glide down the track.

Step 7: Done

Congratulations! You now have a 3d printed back to the future hover board desk toy. If you have any suggestions, need help or have comments leave them below. Thanks For Reading!

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