Introduction: BUDGET Hexagonal LED Panel !!!!

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Hello my friends! Wait, who are you?

Whatever. So today, YES today that day you see this Instructable. I wanna share my creation and how to make it! So this is called Hexagonal or Honeycomb shape LED Panel.

But on this tutorial, I'll using 2 LED strips with different color.

  • Warm White
  • Cold White

You can use any LED color you want, if you don't wanna use these colors.

*Please don't be upset because this tutorial :(

k, what you waiting for?! Just go to next step!

Step 1: Materials and Something

So here is what will you need

  • Soldering and Crafting Skills!

No, seriously. Here is material you needed.

  1. Wax Paper (For Diffuser) around 1 bucks. NOT per roll, it's per sheet.
  2. Popsicle Sticks (YES, THIS IS FOR THE FRAME) uhh, it's just $1 per packs.
  3. Gift Wrapper (WTF mate?! YES SERIOUSLY. For what? For back panel) UNDER 1 BUCKS !!
  4. BUNCH OF LED STRIPS (ANY COLOR YOU WANT, but I'll use Warm and Cold white). READ BELOW
  5. Some cables?

Then, how about tools?

  1. Soldering Iron (Make sure you have soldering skills).
  2. Clipper
  3. Smol Drill with SMOL drill bit
  4. Scissors
  5. Hot Glue GUN (I'm just using soldering iron).
  6. Hot Glue Sticks
  7. Something else?

Here is the NOTE : I'm using 3528 LED Strip, If you want more brighter use 5050 or 5630 or 5730 etc. More bright, More heat. And more costs. I'll keep using 3528 to maintain total costs under 5 bucks.



TO MAINTAIN THE SHAPE, Make sure you use the Hexagonal shape template or something else. If you don't have any, MAKE ONE!

Please. I said Please, to be focus on this steps, because if you not, you gonna cry :'( Don't disappoint yourself at the end. SO MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THE PRECISENESS!! DON'T MAKE YOURSELF ANGEEERYY >:( *don'tmadatme.. SPOILER ALERT! Tbh, I'm disappointed because what I make isn't precise enough :'(

So then, after find something as a template for shape you want or hexagonal, just START MAKING A FRAME! Make sure fix the shape with Hot Glue that have been prepared before :)

Make sure you have enough energy to doing this, I took 6 Hours to make stupid things like this. and then not too precise. damn! >:(


Place all frames on top of gift wrapper, then glue it with Hot Glue. MAKE SURE not putting all frames too close each others, and WHITE (*seems racist)side of gift wrapper on the inside, so the light can reflect bacc into the wax paper.

After you finished glue "-ing" and cut the frames, you can cut and place the strips into the frame, put it on gift wrapper and make sure it's aligned. Then, connect it as parallel circuit!

Then? What's next?!

Oh yeah, glue all panels side to side (it's hard to explain, just LOOK at the picts).
Make sure you have few Popsicle sticks left, use it for adding strength and bonds all panels together with sticks and hot glue (look at my picts).

DON'T forget to add more glue on all gaps, only gaps near edge of the shape so you don't waste more glue.


Okay, after you Finished glue all panels together. Now let's finish this things up.

uuuuhmm, drill the side of each panels to make a hole for some wires to connect all panels together.
strip the cables, you just need the wire itself. Make sure every hole that you make isn't close enough from other hole for wire passing through the frame.

After that you can solder all wires into the strips terminal, you only need 2 wires to connect both positive and negative to each panels (except on the center).

Then lay out the Wax Paper, secure it with tapes on every edge to make sure the paper doesn't move out.
aaand, give all panels frame with a Double sided tape and this will make you tired lol.

After you tape "-ing" all frame (Look AT MY PICTS tfw), you can carefully place the led panel upside down into the wax paper, then start cutting the paper and clean the excess.

If you think 1 sheet of wax paper isn't enough to smooth things up, you can add more wax paper but it will decrease the brightness of the LED.

Step 5: HAHAHAHAHA! IT WORKS! Obviously.

Just test it, Does it still works?

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Make sure you share it with your friends or any!

If you like it, Thank you very much. But if you not, it's Okaiy. I'm fine. :"

NOTE : Since this was made almost entirely made of paper, please hold it carefully.

Okay Bye!~ Thanks for reading my other creation that so late to post. I'm really sorry to my subscribers :(