Introduction: Smallest USB DAC With Amplifier!

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Hi guys! Welcome back!

Today, I'll share my creation and how to build it!

This is the Smallest DAC with Amplifier! Not powerful enough but it's enough for light weight portable use!

This is costs not much, just only ~$3, but don't expect Hi-Fi audio on this project!

If you want high bitrate audio, use high end USB Soundcard or DAC.

Enough intro, let's start make it!

Step 1: Schematic and Materials!

Before start making this project, you need to prepare these kind of materials :

  1. USB Sound card (only $1 or you can buy high quality one)
  2. TDA2822 Amplifier chip
  3. Micro USB Breakout board
  4. PCB board
  5. 3.5mm or something audio socket
  6. 100 - 1k Ohm Variable Resistor (Trimpot)
  7. 100uF Caps (you need 4 or 6)
  8. For C2 and C7 you can use 1uF then you need 4 100uF caps if u use 1uF

Total Costs : about ~$3

Step 2: Connect, Solder and Finnish It Up!

Try to make it smallest possible to make sure it can fit on your pocket or your wallet!

On this tutorial, I'm not making the case for it because I'm so lazy and kinda easier to adjust the variable resistor to reset the volume limiter.

I'll give it to you how to make the case for this DAC, be creative and don't ask me how to make the case :P

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