BYOB- Caddy - I Made It at Techshop for My Husband's Bday! (




Introduction: BYOB- Caddy - I Made It at Techshop for My Husband's Bday! (

So when we are off to a friend's house, I thought we might go in style! You know I am all about recycled material, but this design. I could not find any recycled and it was a gift for my husband. 
So I was going to splurg- but he still wanted the wood design. In the future, I am going to create it out of acrylic.

I apologize for the side picture, for some reason I would not load correctly.  Just tilt your head. ;)

Step 1: Sketch Out Your Idea!

I'm a firm believer to always have on hand a sketch book. You never know what might inspire you. 
So, I saw a beer caddy and thought--I can create one similar and make it custom for the man I love!

Step 2: Prestain and Seal Before You Laser Cut the Day or Two Before.

I use the gloves, so my hand's won't get stained from the stain.
Wipe on the stain with the grain of the wood. 
You can leave the stain on longer to achieve a darker look, or for a lighter stain you immediately wipe off with another clean rag.
Once dry, apply the polycrylic and let it dry a day before cutting. 

Step 3: Material List

Materials list:
cardboard 28"x17" 
Tortec laser or access to laser cutter
1/4" plywood or material of your choice  28"X17"

You will need the following if you want to recreate what I made.

-Luan (precut- to the dimension of your laser cutter- mine 28x17)
-Stain of your choice
-polycrylic to seal in stain
-old cotton rags to use to wipe on stain

Step 4: Laser Time! & Cardboard Test Sample

So I test all my projects out on cardboard.
1. cheap
2. not wasting expensive materials

I took a picture of what my settings are, but keep in mind you know your laser and your cuts. 
These are what worked for me on my laser.
It's a starting point.

Step 5: More of the Cardboard Test Sample Cut Out.

So  I noticed with the cardboard there was a lot more give.
Keep in mind that with the wood it will fit exactly. 
I did have to adjust the caddy pdf so that is why the pictures are slightly different than the end product.
You get version 7! 
I already worked out all the bugs, until I was happy~or at least my husband was with product.
I'm sure I will adjust some more, but for now this was a winner in his eyes, and that's all that mattered to me!

Step 6: Build and Finished Product.

First add one end of the side in the slots.
Then add both BYOB sides and tabs. You can glue the tabs in.
Add the last remaining side and tabs.
Next add the divider, and glue tabs in.
Finally, add the handle and glue tabs in.

I apologize for the side picture, for some reason I would not load correctly.  Just tilt your head. ;)

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    Very nice! I have a similar caddy worked up, but used bolts, and planed on going to the wedge method as well to simplyfy everything.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow. The stain adds 150% to the project. I would of never thought about using curves in my project. Great job.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is sweet!
    You can rotate pictures in Pixlr, which is built into the Instructables editor, if you like.