Introduction: Baby Centaur Costume

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This is "Newton" the centaur, based on the 1960's era Hercules cartoon. I thought my 18 mo old daughter had a bit of a resemblance to the little guy, so we decided to go for it while she still has no influence on her costume choice!

Step 1: Materials

I used:
1.5 meters of terry faux fur
.5 meters skin tone spandex
Upholstery foam
Plastic elf ears
Little baby cap for wig base
Plastic wheels

Step 2: Sewing the Body

I used an image of a stuffed toy horse pattern I found online to freehand my own pattern to the right size.

I also used one of my daughter's shirts as a pattern for the flesh colored top. I included a zipper enclosure on the back of the shirt. Once I had both pieces assembled, I attached them by machine sewing them together.

Step 3: Body Form

I used upholstery foam to create the body form, rough cut with an exacto blade and used stuffing to fill in gaps later. The legs are simple wooden forms but from pieces of lumber and attached to a wooden towel. I poked a hole through the center of the foam body and slide the dowel through. The dowel was shorter than the foam body so it didn't poke out the other end. I decided to add plastic wheels to the back legs, they were zipped tied to the wooden legs.

Step 4: Details

The tail was created from felt sheets, rolled up and cut into slices. That was sewn onto the body by hand.

The wig was created by using a soft baby size cap as a the base, and felt pieces glue gunned on. I also directly attached the elf ears to the cap so we didn't have an extra accessory to mess around with.

I also used the felt to make the hooves and a bit of extra red fabric to cover the seams.

Step 5: Finished Costume

The finished costume was easy to slip her into, the tightness of the shirt helped to hold the weight of the body upright. She could walk around fairly well, but if she started to run if definitely would trip her up. But she actually enjoyed wearing it as you can see from the video I posted. Thanks for reading!

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