Introduction: Baby Groot Christmas Tree Ornament

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Give dancing baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy a chance to add to the Christmas spirit this season by making this cute, festive Groot ornament. This little tree-baby is all decorated up in Christmas lights and a Santa hat, so show him off on your own tree!

Watch the video for full instructions!

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To make your Baby Groot ornament, you will need:

  • Felt in light brown, black, green and red
  • Thread in coordinating colours
  • Scissors
  • Pins and needles
  • Embroidery thread
  • and a selection of beads and trims

Step 1: Cutting and Embroidering the Front

Start by cutting out your two body pieces. Set one aside, and start embroidering the piece that will be the front. Stitch simple lines of brown and green thread to make the body look more like Groot's.

Next, stitch on two black circles of felt and stitch a small mouth. You can also add a dot of white acrylic paint to the eyes to add depth.

Step 2: Attaching Base and Stitching Pieces Together

Stitch the base piece to the bottom of the body. Repeat this for the back pieces. Stitch the two base pieces together, then start attaching the body pieces. When you reach the hand areas, add tiny scraps of green felt to look like leaves.

When you reach the top of the head, stitch a scrap of ribbon into the seam to hang the ornament, then continue stitching around until reaching just before the end of the trunk. Add a small amount of stuffing to make the ornament more sturdy. Once you have added enough stuffing, close the stuffing hole.

Step 3: Add Santa Hat and Bead Lights

Cut two pieces of red felt in Santa hat shapes, and then stitch them onto one corner of the head. Once the hat is stitched, attach a small strip of white felt to the base of the hat, and a circle of white felt to the tip of the hat.

Create your string of "lights" by stringing beads onto a piece of green embroidery thread. Continue until you have a string of lights long enough to drape around your little Groot.

Attach the "lights" to Groot using a few stitches, and your Christmas Groot is complete!

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