Introduction: Baby Growth Chart

So simple and unique any mother to be will love! I first choose a theme that the parents are using for their child’s room, robots, flowers, or very simple depending on their style. I use a lot of stencils that I buy online cheap but you can find them in any store or make your own.

Step 1: Choosing a Board and Paint

I get a 6ft board from Home Depot, I only buy from the marked down area, you can get a board anywhere from 4-7 bucks and they can be elaborate or plain. I choose my paint, usually a sample color if I don't have any extra at home that I can use, I always check thru the mess up colors too and find some good bargains there as well. I like going to the dollar store for picture hanging kits, why pay more for the same thing?

Step 2: Sand and Paint

Then I take home and I sand it using my electric sander but a regular rough sand paper will work just as good and maybe scuff it if im going for a more rustic look using a hammer. I usually use 2 coats of paint on both sides before I start the "ruler" stencil process.

Step 3: Use a Ruler and Add Embellishments

Using a ruler as the template (this is very important) I start the chart at 6inches. Why? Because you need room for the baseboard. Most rooms have it and let the recipient of the chart know to measure 6inches from ground when hanging. Decide on how many lines you want, half inches, full inches only etc. and using a pencil carefully mark your lines with the ruler. Once you have made all your lines go over with a permanent marker (I used black but you can do whatever color you want) Then add large number stencils in appropriate areas as well as your embellishments. You can stencil in paint but I chose to do these all in marker. I hot glued butterflies on one that I bought from the dollar store and after I used polyurethane to seal (that took a whole day to dry). Once that was done added the picture hooks to top back of chart and headed to the baby shower! Hope you liked my very easy instructable!

Step 4:

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