Bar Signs

Introduction: Bar Signs

After I made our pallet bar (check out my other instructable) I decided we need some signage. Since we had recently visited Kentucky and traveled the famous Bourbon Trail I wanted to incorporate it into our backyard.

Step 1: Painting

This is one of my favorite and easiest things to do. I took some leftover wood from the pallet bar and stuff I had in the garage along with leftover paints (tip: I buy the sample sizes at Home Depot for projects and get multiple uses for $2.99) sat outside for 5 minutes and painted the colors I wanted.

Step 2: Stenciling

When they were dry an hour or so later I took my trusty dollar store letter stencils and a sponge and started. From my experience type or write out the words you want to stencil because once you get going its surprisingly easy to misspell something, trust me I have done it more than once until I picked up this easy trick. Also make sure you take the stencil off immediately, this way if there is any leakage you can fix, I recommend using a baby wipe and your finger or a q-tip wrapped baby wipe and erase away your mistake, it usually works perfectly for me. After letting my words dry I took a sandpaper block and did a light shaving of the signs to make it look a lil vintage/weathered. To attach the smaller signs to the sign that read BAR I used some chain I picked up at a discount store randomly cutting and shaping it with pliers, it was kind of a pain and I mean it was actually painful to make it bend but I love the end result so it was worth it. Then I used one coat of polyurethane to seal everything and they were ready to hang!

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