Introduction: Baby Proof Box

If you’re looking to create a baby proof box you’re came to the right place!

Step 1: Materials

-arduino board
-track and pinion gear
-laser cutter
-lcd screen

Step 2: Creating a Box

You want to start off with a basic cut box with the measurements of 5 1/2 x 3 11/16 x 8. You can make this box in . Now you want to create slots in your box to make sure you hav openings for your lcd screen , outlet and keypad. After creating a box you want to turn it into an ai. file and laser cut!!

Step 3: Laser Cutting

While laser cutting you want to also create small pieces that are .5 in x .5 in. These are going to be your supports for your door. After laser cutting you can now glue and put everything together.

Step 4: Coding

Now that you have a box you want to code your lcd screen and keypad. Some simple tutorials to follow for your keypad is

Step 5: Final Touches

Now you want to put all your pieces together and and make sure everything fits inside your box and make sure everything is working.