Introduction: Bacalao a La Vizcaína (codfish)

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Again sorry for the language it´s not my language and i only use here and for read manuals, feel free to make corrections for a better understanding and i change the words.

it's my first time making a recipe for cooking, and i only cook in christmas and new year or wen it´s really necessary,
this recipe it's from my great-grandmother and it´s really tasty

Step 1: Ingredients

all the ingredients can be multiplied, in this recipe is for 1 kg of salted cod but in the pictures i made 3 kg (50 commensal)

Salted cod 1kg
Onion 1kg
Tomato 3kg
Garlic 1 head (i use chopped garlic)
Parsley (perejil) a buch
Red Spanish pepper a big spoon
Olive 2 small bags
Almond 100 gr
Cambray potato 1 Kg
Olive oil
Long chile
a can of red pepper
sugar if needed

Step 2: Preparing the Ingredients

Wash the cod, need 2 days changing water every day, wen finish crumble the cod
Cook with salt the cambray potato and remove the skin.
chop the onions, tomatoes, olives, parsley, garlic and almonds

Step 3: Preparing

I clarify that i use some pictures from other year (brown stove)

Add olive oil to a pan a big one (i use a paellera (sorry google can´t traduce)) wait for warm up and add onions and garlics and stir-fry until the onion becomes trasparent, the onion release water you need to work until all the water dryes.

until then yo can start frying the crumble cod with normal oil (it's take a long time)
use little portions for make it quick and fry until golden

when the onions and garlic are almost dry and only have a small part of olive oil, add the tomatoes (drain the water from tomatoes first) mix and move until all the water dry (again the tomatoes add a lot of water and take some time to dry)

continue frying the cod

when the tomatoe, onions and garlic dry add the Parsley (perejil) thanks god the parsley don't add water
mix all

when mixed add olives and mix again, then add the almods and mix, add the red Spanish pepper and again mix

try the taste and add salt and suggar (suggar for the bitter, with a tea spoon or less solves the problem), add the fryed cod and mix.
then add the cambray potato and again mix

Step 4: Decoration

add Long chile and red pepper for make it look great.

you can enjoy with bread